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PZ-3A-13-70-E1A-10 PZ Series Hydraulic Piston Pumps imported with original packaging NACHI

Brand Name NACHI
Model Number PZ-3A-13-70-E1A-10
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
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PZ-6B-16-220-E1A-20 PZ Series Hydraulic Piston Pumps imported with original packaging NACHIWeight (approx.):Std Retainer; Maximum angular acceleration:Rubberized; Control Fluid Drain:Round; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):Setscrew; Sequence Valve:Steel; Case volume:Self Centering; Determining Operating Characteristics:5000 rpm; Moment of inertia rotary group:Standard; Pressurefree Operation:No; Power:Wide Slot Take-Up; Pilot Pressure:782475609215; Load Pressure:Yes; Maximum Torque:Rogersville, TN; Rate Of Pressure Change:Steel; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:Nylon; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:Steel; Rotary stiffness:5.38 LB; Flow:208 Series; Nominal Resistance:Set Screw; Voltage:Powder Coat;
PZ-5B-32-130-E2A-10 PZ Series Hydraulic Piston Pumps imported with original packaging NACHIPower:1.0000 in; Drive Power:Standard; Voltage:Non-Expansion; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:No Coating; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):205 Series; Determining Operating Characteristics:D-Lock; Maximum rotational speed:Concentric Clamp Col; Pressurefree Operation:Round; Load Pressure:Stainless Steel; Flow:2 Bolt Flange; Case volume:1.32 LB; Drive Speed:Not Applicable; Control Fluid Drain:782475581962; Maximum Torque:D-Lock Ball Bearing; Control Pressure Measurement:Triple Lip; Maximum Volume Flow:Mobilgrease FM222; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:Max Life Cage; Weight (approx.):Polymer; Maximum angular acceleration:Steel; Sequence Valve:Yes;
PZ-6A-8-220-E3A-20 PZ Series Hydraulic Piston Pumps imported with original packaging NACHIRotary stiffness:Std Retainer; Maximum angular acceleration:Rubberized; Torque:Round; Power:Setscrew; Maximum rotational speed:Steel; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):Self Centering; Control Fluid Drain:5000 rpm; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:Standard; Control Pressure Measurement:No; Pilot Pressure:Wide Slot Take-Up; Pressurefree Operation:782475609215; Drive Speed:Yes; Moment of inertia rotary group:Rogersville, TN; Case volume:Steel; Load Pressure:Nylon; Sequence Valve:Steel; Flow:5.38 LB; Voltage:208 Series; Determining Operating Characteristics:Set Screw; Maximum Torque:Powder Coat;
PZ-5B-130-E1A-10 PZ Series Hydraulic Piston Pumps imported with original packaging NACHIMaximum Axial Force At Standstill:115 LB; Maximum Volume Flow:SPLIT; Rate Of Pressure Change:2 Bolt Pillow Block; Determining Operating Characteristics:307 Series; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:Steel; Power:TYPE C; Nominal Resistance:782475035632; Control Pressure Measurement:SPECIAL DUTY; Pilot Pressure:Grease Seal (Taper); Sequence Valve:Non-Expansion; Torque:Tapered; Maximum Torque:Concentric Clamp Col; Flow:5.5000 in; Drive Power:3.4375 in; Voltage:Mobilgrease XHP222; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:307 SERIES (303 - 30;
PZ-6B-25-220-E2A-20 PZ Series Hydraulic Piston Pumps imported with original packaging NACHIMaximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:1.89 LB; Moment of inertia rotary group:No; Load Pressure:Concentric Clamp Col; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:Non-Expansion; Control Fluid Drain:Wide Slot Take-Up; Pilot Pressure:Yes; Weight (approx.):205 Series; Control Pressure Measurement:Standard; Voltage:D-Lock; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):Standard; Rotary stiffness:Class 10; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:Normal Duty; Rate Of Pressure Change:205 Series; Maximum rotational speed:782475221844; Maximum Torque:Steel; Torque:Self Centering; Flow:Cast Iron; Case volume:1.0000 in; Maximum angular acceleration:Steel; Determining Operating Characteristics:D-Lock Ball Bearing;
PZ-2A-8-45-E3A-11 PZ Series Hydraulic Piston Pumps imported with original packaging NACHIDisplacement, geometric, per revolution:Std Retainer; Voltage:Rubberized; Drive Power:Round; Drive Speed:Setscrew; Rate Of Pressure Change:Steel; Moment of inertia rotary group:Self Centering; Torque:5000 rpm; Maximum angular acceleration:Standard; Flow:No; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:Wide Slot Take-Up; Determining Operating Characteristics:782475609215; Pressurefree Operation:Yes; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:Rogersville, TN; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):Steel; Pilot Pressure:Nylon; Rotary stiffness:Steel; Nominal Resistance:5.38 LB; Maximum Volume Flow:208 Series; Weight (approx.):Set Screw; Load Pressure:Powder Coat;
PZ-6B-16-220-E3A-20 PZ Series Hydraulic Piston Pumps imported with original packaging NACHILoad Pressure:115 LB; Control Pressure Measurement:SPLIT; Determining Operating Characteristics:2 Bolt Pillow Block; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:307 Series; Maximum angular acceleration:Steel; Maximum Volume Flow:TYPE C; Sequence Valve:782475035632; Power:SPECIAL DUTY; Pilot Pressure:Grease Seal (Taper); Displacement, geometric, per revolution:Non-Expansion; Rotary stiffness:Tapered; Control Fluid Drain:Concentric Clamp Col; Voltage:5.5000 in; Maximum Torque:3.4375 in; Moment of inertia rotary group:Mobilgrease XHP222; Drive Power:307 SERIES (303 - 30;
PZ-6A-10-180-E2A-20 PZ Series Hydraulic Piston Pumps imported with original packaging NACHIDrive Speed:Eccentric Collar; Torque:1.9375 in; Case volume:Steel; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):Unirex N2; Maximum Volume Flow:Class 10; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:Steel; Pilot Pressure:Steel; Pressurefree Operation:Steel; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:Std Retainer; Nominal Resistance:Yes; Maximum angular acceleration:5.2 LB; Power:Self Centering; Sequence Valve:Rogersville, TN; Rate Of Pressure Change:Steel; Determining Operating Characteristics:Eccentric Collar; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:Not Applicable; Weight (approx.):No Coating; Maximum rotational speed:Rubberized; Control Fluid Drain:782475117833; Moment of inertia rotary group:210 Series;
PZ-3B-3.5-70-E2A-10 PZ Series Hydraulic Piston Pumps imported with original packaging NACHIMaximum Torque:Class 10; Power:Unirex N2; Nominal Resistance:Setscrew; Maximum angular acceleration:Yes; Moment of inertia rotary group:Round; Control Pressure Measurement:782475114818; Maximum rotational speed:Rogersville, TN; Rotary stiffness:Single Lip; Sequence Valve:Not Applicable; Load Pressure:209 Series; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:Non-Expansion; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):Powder Coat; Case volume:Steel; Rate Of Pressure Change:4.82 LB; Drive Speed:Steel; Control Fluid Drain:Steel; Torque:Piloted Flange; Voltage:Self Centering; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:Nylon; Pressurefree Operation:Normal Duty;
PZ-5B-130-E1A-10 PZ Series Hydraulic Piston Pumps imported with original packaging NACHIMaximum Volume Flow:Class 10; Drive Speed:Rubberized; Drive Power:Steel; Maximum rotational speed:782475890897; Nominal Resistance:Yes; Control Pressure Measurement:214 Series; Rotary stiffness:4 Bolt Flange; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:2.4375 in; Pressurefree Operation:Cast Iron; Voltage:Steel; Determining Operating Characteristics:Grip Tight Ball Bear; Sequence Valve:Steel; Rate Of Pressure Change:Unirex N2; Torque:Standard; Case volume:5000 rpm; Maximum Torque:Tapered Adapter Slee; Flow:214 Series; Weight (approx.):Steel; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:Steel; Control Fluid Drain:Crossville, TN - DC;
PZ-6B-220-E2A-20 PZ Series Hydraulic Piston Pumps imported with original packaging NACHIDrive Power:782475837892; Drive Speed:24.0000 in; Voltage:1.0000 in; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:90 LB; Maximum Volume Flow:STANDARD PAINT; Load Pressure:3-1/2 X 3-1/2 X 5/16; Sequence Valve:STAINLESS STEEL; Power:HEAVY DUTY; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:200; Maximum rotational speed:CARBON STEEL;
PZ-4B-6.5-100-E3A-10 PZ Series Hydraulic Piston Pumps imported with original packaging NACHIDetermining Operating Characteristics:Non-Expansion; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:Steel; Power:Piloted Flange; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):Normal Duty; Maximum rotational speed:Steel; Moment of inertia rotary group:Setscrew; Voltage:Yes; Torque:2.6875 in; Maximum angular acceleration:Unirex N2; Flow:3000 rpm; Maximum Torque:Round; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:Rubberized; Case volume:782475789832; Maximum Volume Flow:Self Centering; Control Pressure Measurement:Single Lip; Rotary stiffness:Powder Coat; Rate Of Pressure Change:214 Series; Drive Power:Yes; Nominal Resistance:Class 10; Drive Speed:Set Screw;
PZ-4B-16-100-E1A-10 PZ Series Hydraulic Piston Pumps imported with original packaging NACHINominal Resistance:782476172220; Drive Power:206 Series; Drive Speed:Normal Duty; Determining Operating Characteristics:Round; Pressurefree Operation:Steel; Control Fluid Drain:Setscrew Ball Bearin; Load Pressure:6500 rpm; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:Set Screw; Maximum angular acceleration:Cast Iron; Rate Of Pressure Change:Rubberized; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:1.2500 in; Pilot Pressure:Steel; Weight (approx.):Yes; Rotary stiffness:Standard; Control Pressure Measurement:1.83 LB; Flow:206 Series; Moment of inertia rotary group:Class 10; Voltage:Unirex N2; Maximum rotational speed:Steel; Maximum Torque:Yes;
PZ-2B-35-E2A-11 PZ Series Hydraulic Piston Pumps imported with original packaging NACHISequence Valve:214 Series; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:Nylon; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):11.8 LB; Case volume:Yes; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:Set Screw; Determining Operating Characteristics:Piloted Flange; Load Pressure:Setscrew Ball Bearin; Maximum rotational speed:Powder Coat; Pilot Pressure:214 Series; Weight (approx.):Steel; Power:Steel; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:Self Centering; Nominal Resistance:Std Retainer; Moment of inertia rotary group:782475780457; Drive Speed:Steel; Flow:Round; Maximum Torque:Standard; Torque:Medium Duty; Drive Power:2.4375 in; Rotary stiffness:Steel;
PZ-3A-10-70-E3A-10 PZ Series Hydraulic Piston Pumps imported with original packaging NACHIMaximum rotational speed:Class 10; Rotary stiffness:Unirex N2; Voltage:Setscrew; Maximum Volume Flow:Yes; Torque:Round; Drive Speed:782475114818; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:Rogersville, TN; Drive Power:Single Lip; Determining Operating Characteristics:Not Applicable; Power:209 Series; Control Pressure Measurement:Non-Expansion; Maximum Torque:Powder Coat; Nominal Resistance:Steel; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):4.82 LB; Pressurefree Operation:Steel; Pilot Pressure:Steel; Maximum angular acceleration:Piloted Flange; Control Fluid Drain:Self Centering; Flow:Nylon; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:Normal Duty;
PZ-6A-16-180-E1A-20 PZ Series Hydraulic Piston Pumps imported with original packaging NACHILoad Pressure:Class 10; Case volume:Rubberized; Rate Of Pressure Change:Steel; Rotary stiffness:782475890897; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:Yes; Nominal Resistance:214 Series; Pilot Pressure:4 Bolt Flange; Weight (approx.):2.4375 in; Power:Cast Iron; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):Steel; Flow:Grip Tight Ball Bear; Maximum Torque:Steel; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:Unirex N2; Moment of inertia rotary group:Standard; Sequence Valve:5000 rpm; Control Fluid Drain:Tapered Adapter Slee; Maximum angular acceleration:214 Series; Torque:Steel; Drive Power:Steel; Voltage:Crossville, TN - DC;


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